Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cambodian PM quits FB after video deemed violent

Cambodian Prime Hun Sen quit Facebook on Friday after the platform’s Oversight Board recommended his temporary suspension over a video where he called for violence against his political opponents which was viewed 600,000 times.

The latest development comes ahead of the July 23 general election in which the 69-year-old leader is seeing re-election to further extend his 38-year-old rule, the BBC reported.

He is the world’s longest-serving political leader.

The Prime Minister who had14 million followers on his Facebook page, has now moved to Telegram and TikTok.

In a statement on Thursday, the Boardrecommended his suspension for six months over the video, which was posted in January.

It overturned an earlier decision by Facebook to keep the video live, citing “newsworthiness”.

“Given the severity of the violation, Hun Sen’s history of committing human rights violations and intimidating political opponents, as well as his strategic use of social media to amplify such threats, the Board calls on Meta to immediately suspend Hun Sen’s Facebook page and Instagram account for six months,” the BBC quoted the statement as saying.

In the video, Hun Sen threatened opposition leaders against accusing his party of vote theft in elections due to be held in July.

“Either you face legal action in court, or I rally (Cambodian People’s Party) people for a demonstration and beat you up,” he is quoted as saying.

In the July 23 polls, 18 political parties will contest, which will see more than 9.7 million eligible people casting their ballots, according to the National Election Committee,.

In the last general election held five years ago, Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party won all 125 seats in the National Assembly.



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