Cambridge partners with Lucknow College on lang skills

The Cambridge University Press and Assessment have partnered with National PG College in Lucknow offering an opportunity to empower students with language skills that encourage lifelong learning and enhance their employability.

This association will provide a world-class learning experience to aspiring students who wish to pursue education and career options by broadening their learning horizons.

Arun Rajamani, manging director, South Asia, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, said, “Cambridge brings a wealth of pedagogic expertise, advanced digital learning solutions, and immense opportunities. These will help us fill gaps between the demand and actual supply for key work-related skills, thus increasing corporate and social opportunities for students and helping them achieve greater successes.”

The institute is planning to commence operations by January 2023 and is confident to train large number of students by next year.

Prof Devendra Kumar Singh, Principal of National P.G. College, Lucknow said, “We are confident that this will be a synergistic relationship, providing students with the progressive way of learning English by realising their true potential and achieve their academic goals.”

He further stated that the students would significantly benefit from the expertise of both organisations who are focused to boost the learning ecosystem.




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