Campaign to encourage youth to study computer science

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PM Trudeau participates in an ‘Hour of Code’ event

Many South Asian parents won’t need much encouragement when it comes to goading their children to pursue computer science as a profession. But regardless, the reality is that thousands of jobs in the tech field are being created and it is clear that there aren’t enough Canadians qualified to fill them. This week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went out on a limb to encourage youth to study computer science. Trudeau joined the co-founders of Canada Learning Code and to mark the launch of Computer Science Education Week at an event called Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code aims to ensure that every student in the developed world has an opportunity to, at the very least, learn the basic building blocks of computer coding.

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But it doesn’t mean that every student needs to be a software programmer, Trudeau told several dozen students gathered around small tables at e-commerce firm Shopify’s downtown Ottawa headquarters.

“Every job we’re going to do in the future will rely on technology and be benefited if you are powerful users of the technology that surrounds us,” Trudeau said.

A report released in March projected that Canada’s economy will create at least 218,000 tech jobs between now and 2020.

That’s a concern for Trudeau, whose Liberal government campaigned during the last election on a platform grounded in building Canada’s future economy.

The reality is that technology is set to displace thousands of workers in numerous fields but on the other hand thousands of young workers will be required by firms employing technology as well as tech firms. And it would be nice if there were enough Canadians to take those jobs.

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Otherwise companies and future governments will be forced to either bring in foreign workers or allow companies to set up operations in places like Mumbai or Hyderabad. Home to many of the immigrants now choosing Canada for better jobs and opportunities. It will be quite the irony to note that good jobs and opportunities may just be going the other way. – CINEWS

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