Campus Front of India opposes setting up of Sanskrit University in K’taka

Campus Front of India, a student organisation, on Monday condemned the Karnataka government’s decision to set up a Sanskrit University in the state calling it an attempt to subvert the state language Kannada.

“Rs 359 crore has been allotted to establish Sanskrit University, but they are not bothered to develop Kannada Universities which is a mother tongue of Kannadigas. The state government must clarify why the government is giving importance to languages other than Kannada in Karnataka which has a population of about 6 crores. The state government is trying to please the Central Government by setting up a Sanskrit University while turning a blind eye towards our mother,” Campus Front of India Karnataka State General Secretary Anees Kumbra stated.

Over the years, the government has not paid attention to the development of Hampi Kannada University. At the beginning, Rs 25 crore were granted each year. But now, it has been reduced to Rs 50 lakhs. Moreover, only 25 lakhs have been given while the rest 25 lakhs is still not granted. It is obvious that the government has completely neglected Kannada University, he stated.

The State Government must prioritise development of Kannada Universities over Sanskrit University and should give up on the attempts to establish Sanskrit University, stated the release by the Campus Front of India Karnataka.

Kannada organisations and activists have criticised the ruling BJP government decision to grant Rs 320 crore fund to establish ‘Karnataka Samskrit University’ in Ramnagar district in Karnataka.




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