Can your hair grow faster if you regularly trim it?


Who doesn’t like a luxurious mane of silky-smooth long hair that won’t knot and can be twisted and turned at will for various stylish hairstyles? However, in reality what you get is tons of hairfall, flaky scalp, not enough hair growth or a rough texture that knots too easy.

The constant advice that anyone looking to grow hair receives is that hair length needs to be trimmed regularly to promote hair growth. But is that really true?

Can you improve hair growth by regularly trimming hair every few weeks or months?

The honest answer is No! Regularly trimming your hair will not make it grow faster or grow at all. Hair trims don’ stimulate hair growth in any way as they don’t affect the hair follicles on the scalp. These hair follicles are the ones responsible for hair growth so any action that has nothing to do with your scalp cannot help or hurt it.

Now, if hair trimming does not help hair growth, then why does everyone suggest it as the first court of action?

Fact is, trimming your hair may not help your hair grow, but regular trims make the hair look thicker, shinier and healthier as all the dead, broken split, hair at the end is cut off.

Also, regular trims are a good way to control the direction and style of the hair growth and regular trims will help maintain the texture of hair as well. Trims are also the only way to get rid of split ends which can cause hair to grow weak which will result in hair breakage and loss of hair.

The other reason trims are suggested so often is that when the dead ends of the hair are snipped off, the remaining hair looks bouncier and healthier.

If trimming does not work then what does?

If you are looking to stimulate hair growth, the age-old formula of a good oil massage of the scalp is the failsafe. Oil massage targets the follicles, the massage will increase the blood circulation to the scalp which means plenty of oxygen and nutrients make their way towards the follicles resulting in good hair growth.

The other things that can help promote hair growth is consuming a diet rich in Zinc, protein and omega 3. In addition, gooseberry is excellent for hair. Eating it as is or making a paste and applying it to hair, both are effective methods to promote hair growth.

Bottom line is that regular hair trimming does nothing as far as hair growth is concerned. Even so, you cannot skip the regular trim and allow hair to grown however. Dead and split hair need to be trimmed off so that your hair looks healthy and bouncy. Hair trims also provide hair the much needed structure to grow the right way.

So, while they do nothing when it comes to promoting hair growth, trims are invaluable when it comes to making it look as though your hair is healthy and growing, so don’t give up on it ever!


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