Canada sanctions Russian elite and major banks, cancels export permits


Canada imposed more severe sanctions on Russia in response to its military strike against Ukraine.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a suite of new sanctions which were in addition to those imposed on Tuesday.

Trudeau said, “Our quarrel is not with the people of Russia. “It is with President Putin and Russian leadership that has enabled and supported this further invasion of Ukraine.”

Ottawa’s new sanctions target 58 people and entities connected to Russia, major Russian banks and a paramilitary organization known as the Wagner Group. Individuals who will be sanctioned include key cabinet ministers close to the Russian president, members of that country’s elite and their families as well as members of the Russian Security Council.

Canada is also cancelling existing export permits for Russia and will not issue new ones.

Trudeau announced the sanctions Thursday afternoon after attending a virtual G7 meeting.

“This crisis is a serious threat to the rules-based international order, with ramifications well beyond Europe,” G7 leaders said in a statement. “This has fundamentally changed the Euro-Atlantic security situation. President Putin has re-introduced war to the European continent. He has put himself on the wrong side of history.”

The federal government has arranged for the safe passage of any Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their families still in Ukraine through land borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

Canada will also be prioritizing immigration applications for Ukrainians who want to come here and is launching a dedicated telephone line for anyone who has any urgent questions about immigrating from Ukraine, said Trudeau.


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