Canada-style ‘freedom convoy’ protest set to descend on Paris


Inspired by the “Freedom Convoy” protest in Canada against the Covid-19 vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers, six convoys of French motorists were heading to Paris to oppose their government’s vaccine rules.

They departed from Nice, Bayonne, Perpignan and other parts of the country on Wednesday to reach Paris this weekend, reports Xinhua news agency.

Others arriving by car or motorbikes plan to join the demonstrators in the capital.

The organisers have expressed solidarity with the Canadian truckers, local media reported.

French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said that, compared to the measures seen in other European countries, the restrictions imposed in France have always been modest “thanks to the tools we have, the health pass yesterday, the vaccine pass today”.

In Paris, the protesters aim to stage a go-slow and block traffic to voice their anger against the country’s Covid-19 restrictions, the vaccine pass, the vaccination campaign as well as the recent increase in energy, fuel and commodities prices.

The protesters will reportedly be joined by members of the “Yellow Vests” movement of 2018.

The population of Paris is being warned to expect significant traffic delays in the coming days.



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