Canadian-Sikh arrested for running police car off the road

Police in Canada have charged and arrested a Sikh man after he “intentionally” ran a police cruiser off the roadway in a stolen vehicle in the city of Brampton.

In July 2021, Gauravdeep Singh was seen operating a stolen vehicle around Hurontario Street and County Court Boulevard in Brampton, the Peel Regional Police said.

Singh made “intentional contact with a police cruiser, causing it to leave the roadway and make good on his escape”.

Following the incident, an arrest warrant was issued for Singh, and he was arrested late last month.

Singh has been charged with 12 offences, including theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property and flight from a police officer.

“It is a miracle that there were no serious injuries in this incident as this individual attempted to harm our officers, who accept the inherent risks associated with their jobs to keep our community safe,” Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief, Marc Andrews, said in a statement.




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