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Canadians have large carbon footprint: IEA Report

Canadian drivers are responsible for a rather large carbon footprint given that our SUVs emit more carbon per kilometre than elsewhere on the planet.

An IEA study released earlier this spring found that the passenger vehicles on Canada’s roads emit 206 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre driven, higher than the second-place U.S., at 198 grams per kilometre, and about 50 per cent higher than many Western European countries.

Overall fuel efficiency in Canada improved from 2005 to 2013, then stagnated and started moving backwards around 2016, the IEA report stated, and it’s because of the mix of cars on Canada’s roads.

“In 2017, 61 per cent of new sales were SUV/pickup trucks, the highest share in the world and nearly double Canada’s market share in 2005,” the report said.

Canadians have also been slow to adapt to hybrid and electric cars, with sales of hybrids 40 per cent below U.S. sales, relative to population, the IEA said. A GoCompare study released earlier this year found Canada is “among the worst-equipped countries” for electric cars, with among the lowest rates of EV charging stations.

Perhaps as the cost of gas keeps inching up, Canadians will cast their glance toward smaller and more fuel efficient cars. -CINEWS

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