Canadians playing online in US mega million lotteries

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A few years ago, the only way you could win a lottery jackpot worth hundreds of millions was to cross the border to the United States to physically buy a lotto ticket there. How times have changed! In the last few years, Canadians have increasingly been buying their lottery tickets online, especially because the US dollar is so strong in the last couple of years, which means, potentially, Canadians could win hundreds of millions more than before.

By the end of 2015 Canadians had bought tens of thousands of US lottery tickets through  the Online sales really skyrocketed, however, in January of the current year, when the US Powerball set a new world jackpot record of $2 billion (US$1.6 billion). That multi-billion dollar draw created such a frenzy all over the world that countless Canadians have since been going online every week to buy overseas lotto tickets!

The most popular foreign lotteries for Canadians remain the US Mega Millions & Powerball. Mega Millions currently offers $540 million (US$415 million) – a jackpot dozens of times bigger than anything we’re used to inCanada. What’s more, it is extremely likely that the multi-state lotto giant will adjust the tally in the lead-up to Friday night’s draw due to the massive increase in ticket sales. Will a Canadian once again win millions in a US lottery after P. from Quebec scooped up the second prize in the Powerball through theLotter in January? is the world’s premier lottery ticket messenger service – it enables people to order official lottery tickets from around the world and doesn’t charge any commission on wins. The service has helped people win$66.8 million since 2002: late 2015 one of its Iraqi clients won the $8.3 million jackpot in Oregon. In 2016 a pensioner from El Salvador won a huge prize in an American lottery, a man from Quebec collected the $1.3 million second prize he won in the US Powerball (US$1 million) and a Moscow chauffeur won nearly $1,5 million in the Austria Lotto!  –  CNW

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