Captured tiger to be treated at Mysuru Zoo

An adult tiger that was captured by Tamil Nadu forest officials at the Madhumalai Tiger Reserve will be treated at the Mysuru Zoo.

Named MDT 23 (Madumalai Division Tiger 23), the tiger was captured by the forest department using a traquiliser dart on Friday. The medical team has been monitoring the injured tiger.

Earlier, the feline was to be shifted to the Vandalur zoo, but after consultation with the National Tiger Commission, it was trasported to Mysuru zoo.

Foresters said the tiger had allegedly mauled three persons to death besides killing around 10 cattle in the Madhumalai forest area in Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu in the past two months. Fear of tiger attack had haunted the people of Gudalur, Masinagudi Singara and Bopara, they said.

Mysuru zoo authorities said that they have got the information about the arrival of the tiger and are making all arrangements for its treatment.

The search for the feline was conducted by six teams from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, aided by one team each from Kerala and Karnataka. Two Kumki elephants and three sniffer dogs were also pressed into service to catch the tiger.