Capturing the shades of Mumbai in monochrome

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Mumbai, Aug 4 (IANS) Drawing inspiration from everyday life, renowned communications professionals Rahul da Cunha and Prashant Godbole bring in the moments and charisma of Mumbai through monochrome photographs

Titled “My Space” the exhibition which is being showcased at the Rustomjee here till August 6, is aimed at highlighting the yearn to follow passion of an individual that gets buried under the pressure of professional life and rediscover the lost passions, old friends, spend quality time with their loved ones and much more.

“We see life in color, however, when you remove the color, you tend to see the image for what it really means, the soul of the photo come alive,” artist da Cunha told IANS on why he and Godbole opted for photographs in monochrome.

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The project, which took about 90 days to complete, is highly inspired by how people living in urban landscape.

“We think street life anywhere in the world, especially in a city like Mumbai allows you to observe people going about their everyday life – and create extraordinary moments and spaces within this seemingly ordinary life,” Godbole said.

Although highly successful as communication professionals, the artists always had the passion towards photography which provoked them to take up the project.

“Eventually, everything we do, is about communicating – be it theatre, advertising or photography – I am creating reasons to reach out to people with meaningful, funny and emotive elements that touch everyday life,” Godbole added.

“The whole expression of ‘My Spaces’ fits live a glove for a passion like photography. Photography possibly is one of the most intimate expression of one’s own space and this project helped us bring together many such photos and images that we’ve long forgotten. It also brought back wonderful memories of all the places and people we’ve engaged with while capturing these moments,” da Cunha noted.

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