Cardi B wants to live on a ranch

Rapper Cardi B has shared that she wants to live on a ranch despite never having been around farm animals before.

Cardi met country musician Mickey Guyton and shared that she wanted to see if she would get on with life away from the city as she said: “I’ve never been around farm animals.”

“I really want to have a farm, and I’m trying to convince my husband that we can actually have a farm (on) our property, but I’ve never been around farm animals, you know, I’m a real city girl,” she told Guyton in a video, reports

Guyton questioned Cardi: “So you’re gonna teach me?”

To which she replied: “No, you’re gonna teach me.”

Cardi has had little experience on the farm herself.

“No, no. I can’t teach you. I don’t know how to be a farm — a ranch hand or any of that,” she said.

Cardi held onto Guyton’s pregnant belly and said: “Wapin’ got you here in the first place.”

Guyton said: “It did get me here in the first place on this quarantine.”