Cardi B yells at nightclub doorman after Black women not allowed in

Rapper Cardi B has stood up for fellow Black women as she was seen screaming at a nightclub doorman after her fans told her that the club didn’t allow Black women inside.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, the ‘WAP’ hitmaker could be seen arriving at the club with her partner Offset, reports

As she said hello to the fans while walking in, the fans started telling her that the bouncers were not allowing Black women into the club. They accused the doorman of only letting white women into the event.

The fans also claimed they were even blocked from purchasing a table.

Defending her fans, the 29-year-old rapper began yelling at the doorman, saying: “Let the black women in.”

The security later responded that they would let the fans in after they let her in first.

One Instagram user, who seemed familiar with the place, commented: “E11even is extremely racist! This will soon come to light!!!”

Another user said: “I don’t get begging from hearing the clip. More like…inquiry the reason behind the blatant disrespect of not allowing a certain group of ppl in. Don’t get ‘why’ confused with ‘how’.”

“Stop going to places where you and your money is not appreciated,” another wrote.

A separate person penned: “@iamcardib please stand with these women and stop supporting clubs you visit and know that (they) do this. Your influence is powerful.”

The same night, Cardi B also attended the Maxim party at Art Basel.

As she was seen hitting all the party spots around the city, she took to her Twitter account to write, “I can’t believe I went to 4 parties in one night.”




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