Friday, June 21, 2024

Carey Mulligan says Emily Blunt ‘stole’ her baby on flight to Los Angeles

Actress Emily Blunt had been on the same flight as her friend, actress Carey Mulligan to Los Angeles and was thrilled to get the chance to cuddle her friend’s baby.

She said, “We were on the same flight over, and I got to snuggle her delicious baby, who I got to just sort of bite her cheeks. She is so beautiful.”

Asked about Emily’s comments, the “Suffragette” star laughed and said, “She stole my baby for a good 20 minutes, and I was very happy with that.”

Although Carey’s daughter Evelyn is only eight-years-old, Carey has spoken with her about the power of women in society and she is “excited” that even young girls have a “voice” these days.

She said, quoted by, “I think there’s something really exciting in that children, at the moment are more aware. I think she’s encouraged to have a real voice and be part of the conversation.”

Carey was honoured at the gala for her work with ‘War Child UK’ and she was thrilled to be recognised.

She gushed, “I can’t quite believe it. It’s an amazing group of women. And the organisations that they represent are so diverse and so interesting and so necessary, so it’s amazing. And it’s an amazing platform.”



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