Cash-strapped Bengaluru zoo’s plea to adopt animals


Reeling under the impact of the Covid-induced lockdown, which kept visitors away, Bengaluru’s cash-strapped Bannerghatta zoo on Monday called for people to adopt its animals.

“As the pandemic and extended lockdowns imposed to contain the virus spread led to lower footfall and minimum gate collection, we urge citizens and organisations to adopt our animals to partially meet the cost of their feed and veterinary care,” the zoo’s Executive Director Vanashri Vipin Singh said.

The 732-hectare 50-year-old biological park has 2,388 animals of 102 different species in its zoo, safari, butterfly park and rescue centre.

“The zoo also provides an opportunity to name younger animals, which have not yet been named or adopted so far,” said Singh.

Among animals ready for adoption are lioness Sania’s one male and three female cubs, born on April 3, 2021; zebra Kaveri’s female foal, born on September 27, 2020; hippopotamus Dashya’s male calf, born on July 27, 2020; langur Reshmi’s female infant, born on March 16, 2020; Hanuman langur Adithi’s infant, born on February 2020, and grey wolf Akira’s two male pups, born on February 3, 2020.

“Citizens can also contribute towards one-day feeding cost for some of our zoo residents,” said Singh.

The daily cost of feeding some of the animals in the zoo are Rs 75,000 for 25 Asian elephants at Rs 3,000 per jumbo; Rs 30,000 for 20 Royal Bengal tigers at Rs 1,500 for each cat; Rs 34,500 for 23 lions at Rs 1,500 each; Rs 21,000 for 42 leopards at Rs 500 each; Rs 2,000 for two giraffes at Rs 1,000 each; Rs 3,000 for four zebras at Rs 750 each; Rs 1,500 for three hyenas at Rs 1,500 each; Rs 6,500 for 13 wolves at Rs 500 each; Rs 4,400 for 11 jackals at Rs 400 each; Rs 1,600 for four wild dogs at Rs 400 each; Rs 9,600 for eight hippopotami at Rs 1,200 each and Rs 1,800 for three sloth bears at Rs 600 each.

“The average cost of feeding all animals is Rs 2,69,500 per day,” added Singh.

Interested adopters can log on to for details and enquires can be sent to

There is provision for income-tax rebate under 80G of the IT Act, 1961 for animal adoption and donations.