Cash-strapped Kerala earmarks Rs 1.45 cr for police canines


Despite facing a financial crisis, the Kerala government has reportedly sanctioned a whopping Rs 1.45 crore for the state police dog squad.

The sanction from the Finance Department followed a letter from the state police chief on May 16. The amount has been sanctioned for feeding 82 canines of the squad from May 2022 to April 2023.

But, the authorities are perplexed as from last week of April, there is a clamp on government payments exceeding Rs 25 lakh at one go from the state treasury.

So, for payments above Rs 25 lakh, a special sanction has to come from Finance Minister K.N.Balagopal and hence only time will tell if the canines will be able to get uninterrupted food supply.

Kerala’s public debt has zoomed past Rs three lakh crore and it’s literally a hand to mouth existence for the state government.



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