Long-term care homes

The pandemic has exposed all the ills of the long-term care facilities. The PSWs are overworked and underpaid, no wonder they don’t stick on....

Politicians travelling abroad

The politicians were never ‘in it’ with us. Take for instance, if they need a test or treatment,  they won’t have to wait in...

Support for Learners fund

It looks like every time citizens grumble, the provincial and federal governments give more money and this keeps them quiet for a while. The...

66% of Canadians intend to take the COVID-19 vaccine

Many are apprehensive because of how quickly these vaccines have been approved.The longer it takes to vaccinate the general public, the more vaccine hesitancy...

COVID-19 fatigue

Lockdowns and social restrictions are affecting the mental and economic health of the country. As more people succumb to COVID fatigue, they are beginning...

Some Canadians won’t commit to staying at home

Perhaps these covidiots would feel differently if they or a loved one contracted the coronavirus! Or if they had a family member working in...

Proof of vaccination for certain activities

The province says taking the COVID-19 vaccine will not be mandatory but making it a prerequisite for certain activities means the same thing. What...

Health Canada approves Pfizer vaccine

While this is good news, it remains to be seen how many Canadians will choose to take it. Many feel approval was rushed and...

Ford’s approval rating falls

COVID-19 is proving to be the acid test for politicians around the world. US President Trump might have been re-elected had it not been...

Trudeau voices support for Indian farmers and upsets India

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should know better than to interfere in India’s domestic affairs and especially at a time when trade negotiations were going...