CBI lodges 3 cases on illegal FOREX remittance; recovers Rs 94.37L

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday registered three separate cases against unknown officials of multi-state co-operative societies and others in connection with the alleged forex remittance, an official said.

After lodging the case, the CBI conducted raids at more than 18 locations in Mumbai and Bhopal, which led to the recovery of cash worth Rs 94.37 lakh and incriminating documents as well as electronic gadgets.

The CBI official added that during 2014-2016, huge amount was remitted in FOREX, abroad from the accounts of nine entities through eight nationalised banks, by submitting fake import documents such as bills of entry and bills of lading without any actual trade.

“Aspects of trade based money laundering (TBML), were enquired bank-wise. In the instances of TBML related to Bank of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Canara Bank (e-Syndicate Bank), Mumbai, and Bank of India, Mumbai, facts emerged from the acts of commission and omission on part of the accused that there was disclosure of cognisable offence committed by them. An amount of Rs 105.27 crore, Rs 41.17 crore and Rs 8.69 crore were allegedly remitted from the accounts of private companies (all based in Mumbai), maintained with the said three banks without any actual trade. Thus they caused loss of foreign exchange to the Government of India,” the official said.

The CBI official added that the current accounts were opened in the names of firms with namesake persons as Directors. Huge cash was allegedly collected from various sources and layered into bank accounts of the said firms.

The bills of entry were later forged to show higher USD value than the actual import value and were submitted to the bank.




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