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Celebrate Nagaland’s ancient tribal cultures & traditions, the Great Hornbill Festival

New Delhi, Nov 1 (IANSlife) The immersive TUTC (The Ultimate Travelling Camp) repitches their eco-luxurious Kohima Camp for the 10-day Great Hornbill Festival after a three-year hiatus.

An annual cultural meet of native tribes, the Great Hornbill Festival is held every year from December 1 to 10 at the Naga Tribal Village.

Offering travellers an exclusive opportunity to experience the festivities and cultural extravaganza of enthralling dances, traditional sports, local music and even mock fights, while being immersed in TUTC’s bespoke hospitality, Kohima Camp by TUTC opens on November 29 for a period of 14 days, until December 12 this year.

Located in deep forest slopes, a mere 20 minutes drive from the venue of the Festival, the Camp features 8 intimate and uber-luxurious canvas tents that aesthetically combine modern luxuries, sophisticated design and earthy elements borrowed from the region’s raw landscape.

Another TUTC signature, Kohima Camp’s team of highly-trained guides craft personalised itineraries of alluring activities and excursions as per the guests’ preferences.

Besides guided experience of the Hornbill Festival, the team consciously curates tribal village visits that unfold the region’s age-old culture and influences. For, besides the authentic traditional Naga villages that are all unique and command individual identities, there are some that are inspired by the Japanese while a few others by the British.

Surprise picnics, sundowners with local music, interactions with the local tribes, campfires with many stories and anecdotes, talks on various aspects of the astonishing local culture etc are also curated.

Kohima Camp by TUTC is a 3.5 hour-drive from Imphal’s Bir Tikendrajit International Airport.

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