Celebrating food as culture


The ongoing five-day Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival (MSLF) with its theme ‘Lucknowi Bawarchi Khane’, showcasing the city’s street food, home food, food served in marriages and the one relished during the religious festivals, aims to go beyond the pampering the palate.

With culture at its core — how food defines and redefines the essence of this region, multiple heritage walks, screening of documentary films and conversations with the owners of some of the best-known food outlets who have survived the onslaught of international food chains and rapidly changing trends are taking place.

Also being showcased are exhibits, installations and photo exhibitions around the theme besides an elaborate craft & weaves bazaar with craftsmen and weavers across the country in attendance.

Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, the stalls at the venue aim to give the attendees a bird’s eye view of the culinary delights the city has to offer.

In the literary and performance section, author Devdatt Pattnayak delivered a lecture for Lucknow Lectern at the Lucknow University and theatre person Mandeep Rekhi performed the play ‘Queen Size’ at the heritage property called Lebua as part of the festival. This is besides the sessions of ‘Qissa Goi’, ‘Bait Bazi’ and other panel discussions around the food theme.

Launched in 2010, out of the community that grew around Sanatkada, MSLF distils the essence of Lucknavi culture, in the form of an open to public event targeted as much at Lucknow’s locals as well as to newcomers & visitors.

Each year a new theme is adopted which becomes a lens through which to view the city — be it through its crafts and artisans, its feminist icons, its homes and lifestyles, or its influence on Indian cinema.



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