Centre seeks reply from Raj on Class 12 paper ‘glorifying’ Cong

After the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education asked six questions ‘glorifying’ the history of Congress in the Class XII political science paper, the Centre has now sought a reply from the Education Department of Rajasthan in this regard, on the basis of media reports published in the matter.

A Class 12 question paper of Rajasthan Board went viral on social media recently, creating an uproar as a few questions asked in the paper were reportedly aimed at ‘glorifying’ the Congress.

After the state BJP had slammed the Congress government on this count, the Centre has now sought a response from the Rajasthan government.

The Union Education Ministry has written to the additional chief secretary in the school education department, stating that the comments/inputs of the state government in this regard should be sent to the department.

Rajasthan Education Minister B.D. Kalla, meanwhile, said that the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan, is an autonomous body which conducts board examinations.

“There is no interference of the government, and the leaders of the BJP and the Central government are unnecessarily trying to magnify the whole matter. All the questions asked in the exam were from the syllabus itself, but the Central is interfering in the state matters only to create a new controversy, which is completely wrong,” Kalla said.

Another official said that none of the questions in the paper were out of syllabus. Out of the total 60 questions, it is natural for six questions to be related to the Congress, he added.




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