Chainsaws used to cut trees to clear Delhi roads after storm

The Delhi Police received 294 PCR calls regarding tree uprootings after a storm and heavy rain hit the capital on Monday evening, an official said.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, the senior police official said, adding that disaster management vehicles, the fire brigade and CATs ambulance were pressed into service to bring the situation under control.

Trees fell during the storm in Lutyens’ Delhi causing a massive traffic jam, and officials had their hands full in managing the situation.

“We had to cut down trees at various places, as it was not possible to remove them. Chainsaws were being used to cut fallen trees into smaller pieces. Later, these were put into disaster management vehicles,” the police said.

At a few places, the public also helped the firefighters and police in removing the trees.

The officials said that many vehicles were trapped beneath the fallen trees and they were working to remove these, and the operation could go till late midnight.




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