Champawat fire: NGT directs Uttarakhand govt to look into rehabilitation of people


The National Green Tribunal has directed the Uttarakhand government to look into the forest fire incident that broke out in the state’s Champawat division and take appropriate steps for rehabilitation of the affected persons and restoration of the area.

“We consider it appropriate to direct the Secretary, Forest, Uttarakhand to look into the incident of fires mentioned in the media report and take appropriate action for rehabilitation of the affected persons and restoration of the affected area, as per current schemes, utilising the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) Funds, available with the State,” said the tribunal in an order dated April 29.

The matter has been taken up in light of captioned media report to the effect that forest fire has taken place in Champavat Division in Uttarakhand, adversely affecting the environment and biodiversity and the life of inhabitants and animals in the area, including Boom, Bhigrada, Devidura Forest and Sakedna, Machiyad, Poorvi Tallapal Veloon which requires remedial action.

Considering the matter, the green court said, it is in the view that remedial action is required to control the fire and also to prevent future fires. There are norms in place for preventing and controlling such forest fires by way of crisis management, rehabilitation, and restoration.

Preventive measures include alert systems, creating awareness, surveillance, and mock drills. National Action Plan on Forest Fire (NAPFF) has been adopted by MoEF&CC and stipulates various strategies to prevent and control forest fires, the order stated.



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