Chandan Roy Sanyal talks about challenges of playing an IT expert in ‘Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke’

‘Panchayat’ actor Chandan Roy Sanyal, who will be seen portraying an IT expert in the web series ‘Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke’, shared how he prepared for his role, challenges of playing an IT expert, and also recalled the most difficult scene to shoot.

He said: “After reading the screenplay, it helped me develop the character and understand what my role in the film is and how it should be. I didn’t do anything particularly special, however, I did attend the workshop and had heard the narration, so I knew what my role was and what zone it had originated from.”

While recalling the most difficult scene to shoot from the series, the actor said: “The most challenging scene for me as an actor was when I had to run, grab my bag, say the dialogues, and go to the terrace at the same time. I thought that this shot was lengthy and couldn’t be repeated, it should be finished in one or two shots, and it was shot at night. It was therefore the most difficult scene I had to perform at that time, but I accomplished it smoothly.”

Chandan, who acted in ‘Sanak’, ‘State Of Siege: Temple Attack’, ‘Jamun’, and many more, added further that as he is playing an IT expert, there was a requirement to use a number of technical words and the most challenging part was to make them understandable for everyone.

“My director urged me to use phrases that would be appealing to or let the ordinary people comprehend English properly when you portray the role on screen since I had a lot of IT jargons to use that the public wouldn’t have understood. So as an actor, I had to be careful to use straightforward language so that the audience could follow along,” he added.

‘Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke’ also features Barun Sobti and Regina Cassandra and when asked to Chandan how it was to work with them in the series, he replied: “My co-actors were quite skilled at what they do and I enjoyed working with them. I appreciate the effort they put into their job, and it motivated me since I put a lot of effort into my on-screen character.

“Acting puts you on the receiving end constantly, therefore you must always accept others and conduct yourself properly. Working with everyone was wonderful.”

‘Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke’ which focuses on the life of a woman IPS officer will be streaming on ZEE5.




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