Charles’s favourite O’Coqueiro to install Inspector Zende’s statue

O’Coqueiro restaurant in Porvorim, Goa, where serial killer Charles Sobhraj was arrested by Inspector Madhukar Zende of Mumbai Police on April 6, 1986, will also install a statue of the latter, officials said.

The restaurant has even put up a statue of the serial killer sitting on his favourite chair, complete with his trademark beret which Sobhraj was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Sobhraj’s love for O’Coqueiro restaurant had led to his arrest from the coastal state three and a-half decades ago.

“Initially we had Charles Sobharaj’s statue made with plaster of paris, which was damaged after people used to take selfies. Recently we have done new statue using raisins, now by first week of February we will also install a statue of Madhukar Zende in the restaurant,” Shekhar Diwadkar, Business Head (Hospitality), Alcon Anil Counto Enterprise, the hotel group that took over O’Coqueiro, said.

He said that after the incident, the restaurant became a talking point and place to visit where such Sobhraj was arrested.

The incident was interesting, “hence we decided to also install a statue of Madhukar Zende too”, Diwadkar told IANS.

According to him, they have displaced some photos which put a light on history and installing the statue of Zende will give more information to visitors.

The restaurant was famous then for its quality food and for a phone connection that one could use for long distance and international calls, a rare facility back then when most homes didn’t have a humble landline.

Sobhraj used to visit the restaurant to call his family members and associates from wherever he had moved. But he couldn’t make Goa his permanent hideout.

On that fateful day, Zende confronted a slim man with a scraggy beard and a black cap who alighted from a Premier Padmini car and walked into O’Coqueiro’, taking a seat at his favourite table.

Minutes later, Zende, who was dressed in plain clothes, confronted and later arrested the man known as Charles Sobhraj.




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