Chhattisgarh CM to watch ‘The Kashmir Files’, invites all MLAs

Taking a lead in the Congress, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Wednedsday will be watching ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie in Raipur.

He has invited all the MLAs from the state to watch the movie.

Baghel will be watching the 8 p.m. show in a cinema hall in the state capital.

The film has become a reason for criticising the Congress and all the BJP-ruled states have declared it a tax-free.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said ‘more films like this need to be made so that people can know the truth.’

Prime Minister Modi was addressing the BJP parliamentary party meeting here before the start of day’s proceedings in Parliament.

It is learnt that Prime Minister Modi said that there have been attempts to conceal the truth from the nation for a very long time and films like ‘The Kashmir Files’ need to be made to bring out the truth before people.

“Truth should be brought in the right form before the country. The truth prevailed in Kashmir Files,” a BJP MP said, quoting the Prime Minister.

Another MP said that, while appreciating the film, the Prime Minister told the party lawmakers to watch it.

It is also learnt that the Prime Minister also said that attempts were made to suppress the truth by the ‘flag bearers’ of freedom of expression.




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