Chhattisgarh NGO helps 8 prisoners in UP jail walk free


A Chhattisgarh-based NGO has helped in the release of eight convicted prisoners from the Naini jail after they had served their sentence.

These prisoners remained in jail because they could not pay the fine imposed on them by the courts.

The NGO came forward and deposited the fines to the tune of Rs 21,426 for all the eight convicted prisoners to ensure their release from the jail.

Senior jail superintendent, Naini Central Jail, P.N. Pandey told reporters that a total of eight convicted prisoners, including Rohit Patel, Mohd Aleem, Aqueel, Ravindra Yadav, Mohd Fazal, Roop Prasad, Shanu and Chunna Tiwari were released from the jail on Wednesday evening.

He added, “These prisoners had completed their jail term but were still lodged in the jail as they failed to clear fines being imposed on them. A Raipur-based NGO came forward for their rescue and deposited Rs 21,426 for the release of eight prisoners.”

A senior jail official said, “These convicted prisoners had completed their sentence in term of jail term but they have to pay fines for their release. As they were not able to clear fines, they were directed to spend more time (as per court orders) in the jail or arrange the amount of fine to ensure their release.”



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