Chicago plunges into winter overnight

After experiencing an abnormal warm week with high temperatures staying over 20 degrees Celsius, Chicago suddenly plunged into winter as snow crept into the US third largest city on Tuesday morning and lasts into Wednesday.

An inch of snow was measured at O’Hare on the North Side of Chicago on Tuesday, the first measurable snow of the season for Chicago, Xinhua news agency reported.

On average Chicago gets its first one inch of snow or more on December 7.

Following more snow on Wednesday, a cold blast is expected to bring in gusty winds Thursday.

AccuWeather, a commercial weather forecasting services provider, reported days ago that a burst of Arctic air will sweep the US central areas this week. The air enveloping the region is even colder than what’s considered normal for the middle of January.

AccuWeather meteorologists further forecast that the coldest air is yet to come.




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