Chidambaram should share his wealth growth formula with industrialists: Goa Minister


Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram should share his formula of wealth growth with India’s industrialists, Goa Minister Mauvin Godinho said on Tuesday, shortly after the senior Congress leader took a sarcastic dig at the composition of the newly sworn-in Goa cabinet.

“Does he realise that people in India have not slept from the day they have learnt, P. Chidambaram used his intellect… for furthering his son’s ends, his own ends. He has done business in multiple countries. He has done business in this country where his wealth has multiplied manifold,” Godinho told reporters while reacting to Chidambaram’s tweet.

“So many quantum jumps, thousands of crores. I wish he gives the formula to industrialists in this country so that the wealth multiples as many times as his and his son’s wealth multiplies. And he has the gumption to comment on our ministry on members of the cabinet?” Godniho also said.

On Tuesday, the former Union Finance Minister had tweeted: “The people of Goa may not have slept in peace last night knowing the kind of government and ministers they have got. Are Messrs Pramod Sawant, Vishwajit Rane, Mauvin Godinho, Ravi Naik and Babush Monserrate the leaders who will bring about change or development?”

Sawant and eight cabinet ministers were administered oath to office and secrecy on Monday.

Godinho also claimed that Chidambaram had also represented him in a corruption case filed against him in the past, while questioning his inclusion in the Congress leader’s tweet.

“Does he know, he is a lawyer. P. Chidambaram forgot that he once appeared for me in this same very case and he said what nonsense they have done. Ask him. My lawyers had gone to him and he appeared for me. I can prove with records that he appeared for me. So how can he comment against me,” Godinho said.

“Had he used his intellect, had he used his intelligence capacity, to further the finance in this country, I would have been very happy. Instead he used it for himself, his son and you know how much the wealth multiplied, that is why he is facing multiple cases. And he comments on us?… He should learn political decency,” Godinho also said.



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