Child testifies against ‘father’ for murder of transgender mother

A seven-year-old girl has testified against her ‘father who allegedly killed her ‘transgender mother.

A murder case was registered on the statement made by the girl against Mohammad Shadab who allegedly killed his transgender wife Jyoti.

Four years ago, Mohammad Shadab, had ‘married’ a transgender Jyoti and even accepted the girl child, the latter had adopted.

Their relationship soured over years and they frequently quarrelled over money.

On Friday, Shadab allegedly shot dead Jyoti with a country made firearm and fled.

The sole witness to the crime is Jyoti’s seven-year-old daughter who told the police, “Suddenly Saddu (Shadab) shot my mother twice and ran away.”

Bijnor Superintendent of Police (SP) Dharamveer Singh said, “We have formed two teams to apprehend Shadab. A case has been registered against him under relevant sections of the IPC.”