China using machine guns, rocket launcher to train troops in Tibet

The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of China is using heavy machine guns, a rocket launcher and mortar bombs to train troops in the Tibet region.

As per media reports, in the hinterland of the plateau, a certain brigade of the Tibet Military Region is training troops.

Reportedly, the officers and soldiers have crossed the muddy mountains to reach the target area.

They utilised weapons such as heavy machine guns, bazookas, and mortars for the battle scenario training.

More than 10,000 China, Russia soldiers to attend joint drill in Ningxia, SCMP reported.

The announcement from Beijing comes amid deteriorating relations between both countries and the US.

The exercise, scheduled for early August, will ‘consolidate cooperation’ and ‘maintain regional peace’.

Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Thursday that the exercise in China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous region would take place in early August.

The move comes as both countries face a deteriorating relationship with the US.

“The purpose of this exercise is to consolidate and develop a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia,” Wu said during a regular press briefing in Beijing.

“It will also further demonstrate the determination and ability of both sides to combat terrorist forces and jointly maintain regional peace and security.”

The report said Wu said Chinese troops will come mostly from the Western Theatre Command, China’s largest military area, which oversees regions including Xinjiang and Tibet. Russian troops will be from the Eastern Military District.

A joint command centre will be established and exercises will focus on aircraft, artillery and armoured equipment.

There will also be training to improve joint reconnaissance, early warnings, electronic and information attacks and joint strikes.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday after a meeting in Tajikistan with his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe that Russia had accepted an invitation from China to take part.

“We have found new forms of cooperation through joint efforts and continued to carry out effective cooperation,” he said, according to Russia’s state-owned news agency Sputnik.

Shoigu and Wei met on the side-lines of a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting.