China’s Shandong province reports 2 anthrax cases

The city of Binzhou, in China’s Shandong province, has reported two anthrax cases, including one death, the local health commission said.

On August 6, Binzhou reported a suspected anthrax case, and the patient died on the same day, Xinhua news agency quoted Kou Zengqiang from the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as saying on Wednesday.

An epidemiological investigation has identified the cause of the disease as anthrax.

The deceased was a 14-year-old student from Yangxin County, Binzhou.

Some family members of the student were engaged in cattle raising and slaughtering, and the victim also participated in the handling of beef.

Health officials also found anthrax bacteria in environmental samples collected from the family yard and cold-storage unit.

Based on the findings, the route of infection was confirmed as being contact with or eating contaminated food.

The second case, who had cut up a sick cow at the home of the first case, is undergoing medical isolation and treatment at a designated hospital.

The condition of the case is stable.

Local authorities have taken disease control efforts such as disinfecting the relevant areas and items, and placing close contacts under isolation.

Their isolation was lifted after they reported no abnormal symptoms.