Chitrangada Singh: “It’s too daunting to even think of acting in a web series”

This is the era of digital boom – OTT platforms are taking the entertainment industry by storm and everyone in the industry is being swept away in it.

Many prominent A-list celebrities and top stars have ventured in or are venturing in to the digital space and signing up for OTT movie and web series. In all this, Chitrangada Singh seems to be a rare breed who is cautiously approaching this phenomenon.

Although technically, she has already stepped into the space with ‘Modern Love: Mumbai’, which was a web anthology and some of her movies like, ‘Baazaar’, ‘Bob Biswas’ and ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3’ were direct to digital releases, the actor says that she has not worked up the courage to take on a full blown multi episode, potentially multi season web series yet.

Speaking to TOI, the actress shares, “It is too daunting to even think of acting in a web series. To be able to keep your part or character interesting for that long and to hold the attention of the audience for that long is quite challenging. For that to be possible, the writing of the show has to be kamaal (fantastic)! Which is why, as an actor, I am quite wary of doing a series, but I think I probably should be doing something by the end of the year.”

Chitrangada says she is happy that the digital space has opened up so many opportunities for storytellers and actors but she adds that now the challenge is to produce that level of quality work.

Adding to this Chitrangada said, “Today, while on the one hand there is competition between actors, on the other, there are ample opportunities for them. I think there has been an equal proportion of expansion. With the constant content consumption by the audience, there is much demand for talent. Aise nahi hai ki kaam kum hai aur actors zyada ho gaye hai (It’s not like there is less work or there are more actors). There is enough space for everybody. But yes, between all the work that is coming in, how much of it is high on quality? One has to fight to get that quality of work. Kaam toh har din kar sakte hain, but then you have to compete a lot harder to fetch that quality of work.”



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