Chitrangada Singh: “OTT is a little more brave to experiment”


Actor Chitrangada Singh is enjoying the audience response for her latest project, ‘Modern Love Mumbai’, an anthology series that recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

According to her, what this proves is that digital platforms are better equipped to handle subjects of relationships and love in a more mature manner than movies.

As reported by HT, Chitrangada said, “It is true. The content on OTT is different and more mature than the one in films. There, I still feel there is a certain kind of formula, kind of scripts made for the big screen and mass market. OTT is a little more brave to experiment.”

The 45-year-old actress further says that as far as movies are concerned, filmmakers today seem to be adopting a hit and miss strategy to try and figure out what the viewers actually want. Elaborating on this, Chitrangada said, “There is allowance for realism on the web. And for audiences today at home who are watching it, they expect that in the content. It’s a lot more mature, a lot more brave and experimental. There is still a lot of uncertainty about what people want to watch on the big screen. The makers think ‘is it this or that formula’ They are gauging what that change is all about, it’s still going on.”

Chitrangada Singh’s anthology in ‘Modern Love Mumbai’ was called ‘Cutting Chai’ and it also featured Arshad Warsi and their story revolved around marriage.             

Speaking about the show and the response to it, Chitrangada said, “The reaction has been very good. We were slightly nervous when we started off, and even before starting it, we knew there will be an immediate comparison with the western counterpart of the show. Even our directors were feeling it. I remember before the trailer launch when we were together, we were wondering how’s it gonna be. But it’s been such a warm response. I am very happy about it.”


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