Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Chiyaan Vikram dons his most savage look in ‘Thangalaan’ teaser

Tamil superstar Chiyaan Vikram is donning his most brutally savage, and barbaric look in the teaser for his upcoming film ‘Thangalaan’. Vikram essays a tribal fighter who only looks out for his own people. Vikram’s tribe is unwelcoming to foreigners and will spill blood if they detect even an ounce of threat.

The teaser shows that the film will have a rather bleak, dark, and morose tone and opens with the words: “As myth leads to history, as greed leads to destruction, as blood wars lead to liberty, rises the son of gold.”

Set during the time of British India, ‘Thanglaan’ centres on the Kolar Gold Fields and the British trying to mine the gold by uprooting the tribe. Vikram, who is most likely either the tribe’s leader or one of its most ferocious fighters is shown to be almost animalistic.

Sitting by the beach side, the actor quickly grabs a snake and breaks its neck before ripping it open in half and throwing it aside. Protecting their land from invaders, the tribe is merciless and has been under attack from not just the British, but also bandits and other covetous people though none of these attacks ever succeed.

Using their knowledge of the terrain, Vikram’s tribe unleashes a barrage of spears and arrows ruthlessly stabs and murders them, putting their corpses on display as a warning to invaders.

‘Thangalaan’ is a historical fiction and dark fantasy, as there are elements which allude to the presence of something fantastical and supernatural, almost like dark magic, making it quite an interesting outing.

Written and directed by Pa Ranjith, produced by K. E. Gnanavelraja, co-produced by Neha Gnanavelraja, and with music by G.V. Prakash Kumar, ‘Thangalaan’ stars Chiyaan Vikram, Malavika Mohanan, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Pasupathy, Daniel Caltagirone, and Harikrishnan Anbudurai. It will officially hit theatres on January 26, 2024 coinciding with Republic Day.



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