Choreographer Terrence Lewis’ life mantras: “Stay away from OTT, gossip and laziness”

Choreographer and noted dancer Terrence Lewis is a household name largely due to the popularity of dance reality shows like ‘Nach Baliye’ and ‘Dance India Dance’. He was the judge on these shows.

Lewis has also been a choreographer in many movies like ‘Jhankaar Beats’, ‘Lagaan’ as well as Disney India’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Besides being a gifted artiste, Terrence Lewis is a person who is very particular about his well-being – be it mental, physical or even spiritual.

As reported by Indian Express, Terrence Lewis shared his mantras for staying healthy. He starts off first by confessing that even though he did not come from a privileged or wealthy background, he did inherit the genes from his parents.

Speaking about his genes, Terrence said, “We have no family history of diseases. My hair, skin and body are because of my dad and mum; I was blessed with good genetics. However, then you play the cards that you’ve been dealt with.”

Terrence said that because he was a dancer, that too played a huge part on his journey towards being fit.

He said, “Fortunately, due to my career in dancing and fitness regime, I have always been slim and fit. I understand that for a producer, it is good to have a judge who’s in good shape because then people look at you with a certain kind of admiration. It’s a good enough reason for a person like me, a choreographer, to be fit.”

Terrence also said that he often performed at weddings and corporate events so he had no option but to stay fit. He also spoke about his choice mantras which help him stay fit.

Do not go overboard, moderation is key

Speaking about staying and doing everything in moderation, Terrence said, “I’m not someone who works well with restrictions — do this, don’t do that. I believe you should eat as much as you need. The eyes and mind are hungrier than our stomach. Once you are full, your body signals you to stop eating, otherwise, you’ll be sluggish and lazy, and I don’t like being lazy.” He doesn’t believe in depriving himself entirely. Occasionally he also indulges in his favourite treats and adds, “One must ensure that 90 per cent of the food they eat should be clean. I base my eating on scientific concepts. Eat a bit more protein, a lot of veggies and ensure you consume the required micro and macro-nutrients.”

Switch up your routine

Terrence said that he likes to go to the gym and workout 3 to 4 times a week. But he also needs to be flexible so everyday he does yoga for a couple of hours. He also said that he has not kept any household help, so doing chores around the house helps him stay on his toes.

Virtual world disconnect

As per Terrence he has not watched TV, OTT or Netflix in three years. He said, “I use the time that is usually spent watching TV for self-love and reflection. I like to read books on psychology and how the mind functions. I spend time doing shadow work (a theory and practice developed by psychoanalyst Carl Jung) and trying to figure out how to be a better human being. It doesn’t mean I have reached a zen space, it’s an everyday job.”

No gossip; stay positive

Terrence adds, “I keep away from people who are unproductive and make fun of others. I keep away from people who are happy due to other people’s stupidity or misery. It’s not uplifting. I don’t want to base my understanding on how someone else is living. I don’t want my life to be good then in comparison with others; my life should be good independent of someone else’s life.”



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