Chris Hemsworth on Christian Bale’s Gorr: “You can’t take your eyes off him”


Marvel stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman shared how much in awe they are of Academy award winning actor Christian Bale’s terrifying portrayal as ‘Gorr the God Butcher’ in MCU’s latest offering – ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

In the fourth installment of the Thor franchise Chris Hemsworth is back playing the God of thunder, the role he essayed in three previous standalone ‘Thor’ movies as well as all the ‘Avengers’ movies.

This is Christian Bale’s crossover from DC to Marvel. He has previously played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy and he will now be featuring in a Marvel movie as the supervillain, Gorr the God Butcher, an intergalactic killer who wants the extinction of all gods.

Hemsworth spoke about how Christian Bale brought in so many layers to his character when he was performing. Speaking about him, Hemsworth said, “There’s so much drama and insanity around Gorr, but Christian Bale managed to pull the focus right into each moment. You can’t take your eyes off him. The character is fascinating, because like all good villains, Gorr has a point.”

Hemsworth also added, “He may not be going about it the right way, but there’s empathy in the script and Christian brought so many more layers and so much more depth to Gorr.”

Natalie Portman who is returning to the Thor franchise with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ shared that she was “scared” by Bale’s presence as Gorr on the movie set.

She said, “All of us were actually a little scared in Gorr’s presence.”

Actor Tessa Thompson who plays Valkyrie and ruler of Asgard said that she found Bale “mesmerising” as Gorr.

She said, “He does that thing that Marvel villains do so well, which is that you see their villainy comes from pain, from some unprocessed trauma.”

Director Taika Waititi also added his two cents about Bale as Gorr the butcher and said, “We needed to step up from Hela and find a villain who was somehow even more formidable and we found that in Gorr, who is played by the remarkable Christian Bale.”


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