Chris Hemsworth said his naked butt scene was a 10-year dream come true

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is finally making its way to the big screens next week and Marvel fans can’t keep calm. Fans of the Asgardian God have been waiting for quite a while to see Chris Hemsworth reprise the hunky god for a while now and if the latest trailer is anything to go by, fans will be seeing a lot more of Chris Hemsworth than they ever thought they would.

As per the latest trailer of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, there is one particular (most watched) viral scene which shows Chris Hemsworth completely nude.

Addressing his “naked butt scene” as it is being called, actor Chris Hemsworth said that it was actually a fulfilled dream of his. Recently, the ‘Avengers’ star revealed his thoughts on the much talked about scene featuring his naked, albeit blurred butt.

Chris Hemsworth said that the stripping scene in which Zeus, played by Russell Crowe, flips away his suit, a “dream” scene and said that this was actually 10 years in the making. As per reports, viewers on YouTube have evidently replayed and paused this particular scene the most in the entire trailer of the movie.

Speaking to Variety in an interview, Chris Hemsworth said, “It was 10 years in the making that scene — kind of a dream of mine. The first time I played Thor I took my shirt off and I thought, ‘You know what’s gonna sweeten this… a decade from now it’s all gonna come off’.”

He further added, “I had had that out in ‘Rush’ many years ago. In a Marvel film, it was a very large screen, it was a very big pair of cheeks, and, I don’t know, I had seen it before.”

A few days earlier had reported that the trailer video on YouTube shows that there was a notable spike in replays around the 2-minute mark when the alleged blurred naked butt scene happens.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has been directed by Taika Waititi and it also stars Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Chris Pratt and Russell Crowe, among others. Taika is not only directing this movie, but he also returns to play the role of Korg, the gladiator who befriended Thor in the Thor: Ragnarok’.

The movie will release in India on July 7, 2022 while it releases in the US and other parts of the world on July 8, 2022.



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