Chrissy Teigen’s awkward encounter with Michael Keaton

Model Chrissy Teigen has spoken about her awkward encounter with actor Michael Keaton at the Golden Globes ceremony, where she mistook Keaton as someone serving drinks.

Talking to Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show”, Teigen revealed that she was “drinking a lot” at the party, and was looking for another glass, when she saw “saw somebody at the entrance holding a glass of champagne”.

“So I just went up and I took it and I said, ‘Thank you’,” she recalled, adding that her husband, singer-songwriter John Legend, explained who it was.

“John goes, ‘That was Michael Keaton’. I’m so embarrassed by it still, I could die. But I just took it, I drank it and I left,” she added.

Fallon consoled her by saying that Keaton would have been a “good sport” about the incident.