Christian group complains against Illayaraja

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Chennai, March 27 (IANS) A fringe Christian group on Tuesday lodged a police complaint against Padma Vibhushan music maestro Illayaraja for what it said was “hurting the community’s sentiments” with his comments on Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

At an event organised by Google in the US, Illayaraja had sung a few lines from his song on Ramana Maharishi and said that the true resurrection happened only in respect of the seer.

“There is no other seer in the world who was like Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi.”

He said that there was a belief about the resurrection of Christ.

“Whenever I find time, I watch documentaries on YouTube that say that the resurrection of Christ did not happen at all… It is not known whether the resurrection of Christ happened or not. But true resurrection happened in the case of Ramana Maharishi,” Illayaraja said.

On Monday, a group of persons were prevented by police from holding protest outside Illayaraja’s residence here.



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