Churchville flood victims can return home, say Brampton officials


Residents who were forced to evacuate their homes last Thursday after the massive flooding in the Churchville area of Brampton can now return home.

At the Mayor’s weekly press briefing, Councillor Jeff Bowman announced that the area is no longer an “emergency scene”.

Providing an update on the flood situation caused by a major ice jam, Bowman said that while efforts to remove ice and water are ongoing the situation is under control.

Rapid change in weather produced immense amounts of flooding in several areas of the city including Fletcher’s Creek and Etobicoke Creek but the community bordering the Credit River near Churchville Road and Steeles Avenue was the worst hit. Heavy rains caused large chunks of ice to break up resulting in an ice jam which prompted large amounts of water to spill into the nearby low-lying neighbourhood. Around a hundred homes were evacuated at the time.

Crews worked continuously to remove ice and water, and several home owners were able to return in the coming days as water levels receded.

Brampton Emergency Measures Office has assessed the area and has determined that the area is no longer an emergency scene which is great news, the Ward 3 and 4 councillor said Wednesday morning.

Residents have been notified and everyone who was still displaced is now able to return to their home, according to Bowman.

Water this week posed a little bit of an issue, increasing slightly yesterday due to the warmer weather and rain but the good news is that the water has not risen in areas
around the homes, Bowman noted.

“We will be working on getting the safe return of utilities as well,” he said.

Bowman thanked all those who have provided assistance including Global Medics who donated flood kits to affected residents. He also thanked Khalsa Aid for donating sandbags for relief efforts and for their continuous assistance, especially during COVID-19.

As efforts to remove ice and water continue, certain areas such as Churchville park south and the bridge will remain closed till they are further assessed, Bowman said.


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