CIBC makes sending money to India For Raksha-Bandhan easier

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With Raksha-Bandhan coming up this August 7, many brothers in Canada will send money back to their sisters as a symbol of their best wishes. The challenge for senders, however, is deciding which service provider to trust when sending the funds. The associated costs are of different types – fees, exchange rates, etc., and ease and speed of transfers also vary by banks/financial institutions. It’s important to do a little bit of the homework upfront before choosing who to go with.

6 things to consider when you want to send money home
1. Is there a transfer fee? Certain companies charge separate transfer fees, which can make up a large percentage of the money you are sending, depending on the amount you are sending.
2. What’s the most convenient method of sending money home? Some companies make transferring money a challenging and unpleasant process. You may be required to be physically present, and also be asked to fill in plenty of paperwork every time you try to make a transaction. Then there are others that offer the convenience of making international transfers straight from your smartphones.
3. What is the foreign exchange rate being utilized to calculate how much your intended recipient is going to be receiving? Watch out for the fine print. Is the exchange rate being calculated at the time when you are sending or when it arrives there? Sometimes a day or two can make a big difference.
4. How long is it going to take for your remittance to get to your intended recipient? Much like a courier service, you can pay for next day or it can take a number of days. A premium should be attributed to companies that get your money within a day.
5. What are the limits on how much you can send? Sometimes the amount you need to get to your family can be larger than the supplier limit.
6. Can you trust the company that you are sending the money with? Check the financial viability of the transfer service provider – is it a stable organization that you are relying on? After all, it is money that you are sending.

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These are the questions that CIBC hoped to address when it created the Global Money Transfer Program for their customers. The bank repeatedly kept getting requests from customers for an affordable and safe way to send money to their native countries. In response to the request and understanding the customer pain points, CIBC decided there would be zero transfer fee for CIBC customers, while offering competitive exchange rates.
Also in response to customer needs, CIBC has one of the highest daily transfer amounts available, i.e., $9,999.99 to India and over other 40 countries ($6000 to China). As one of Canada’s top banks, sending money through CIBA is intuitive and simple—whether it is through a branch, online or through your phone. – CINEWS

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