Cipla Limited launched its third chapter of the #BerokZindagi campaign with a new digital film aimed to dispel myths and fears regarding asthma and encourage asthmatics to lead a life without limitations, anchored by youth icon and TIME magazine’s one of the most influential people in the world, Ayushmann Khurana.

The digital film highlights the core message, “Asthma ke liye, inhalers hain sahi” (inhalers are right for asthma3,4,5). India has 37.9 million cases of asthma, despite the number, the usage of inhalers which is the most effective treatment is abysmally low1.

The film encourages asthmatics to adopt the right treatment method i.e. inhalers, by narrating the tales of three renowned achievers who did not let asthma stop them from achieving their dreams. The film includes Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna, Arjuna awardee badminton player Parupalli Kashyap and popular comedian Bharti Singh. The Berok Zindagi campaign reinforces the need to create awareness about asthma and inhalation therapy by driving social acceptance for inhalers and by addressing social stigma through education. The campaign is a continuous effort to inspire patients to live a life without barriers and help them build confidence towards use of inhalers. With the success of the previous campaign, there has been an ad recall of 40% and awareness of inhalers have gone up by 10% and consideration of inhalers has gone up by 5%.2

Speaking about the campaign, Ayushmann Khurrana said: “Having a good health is most important and it is equally important that we address it in the right way. I am very glad that I could be a part of the initiative with Cipla and this association is my effort to raise awareness on asthma and normalize the use of inhalers in public. With the high prevalence of respiratory illness in India, this campaign is now the need of the hour and I firmly believe in the cause of this campaign. With timely diagnosis and the right treatment, one can manage asthma and live a regular life. I can see around me the social stigma surrounding asthma and inhalers. Together, we all can help remove this stigma, and support asthmatics to live a better life.”


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