Cities across the country consider allowing drinking in public parks

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Across the country, time and resources are being spent figuring out where marijuana can be smoked and given that would be legal for people to smoke weed in parks, several cities are considering allowing for the legalization of drinking alcohol in parks.

The idea of legalizing alcohol in parks and on beaches has come up in Toronto and Vancouver, both of which are in the midst of municipal elections and both of which are in provinces that will allow people to toke in public come Oct. 17.

Given that many urbanites and millennials would cozy up to the idea of nursing a craft beer in the park, Toronto Mayor John Tory brought up the idea at an event Thursday.

But allowing drinking in public parks isn’t up to local municipalities as the issue involves the Ontario Liquor Licence Act and would require coordination with provincial governments.

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For his part Ontario Premier Doug Ford seems amenable to the idea and is opening to a meeting with Tory, whom he described as being “all for drinking in the parks now,” to consult on the issue.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, a proposal to sell beer and wine through concession stands at two beaches next summer is on the agenda at a municipal meeting next week.

Those in favor of allowing drinking in parks point out rightly that picnickers and other visitors are doing it anyway so letting it be out in the open would be the only difference.

Other cities like Paris and London, England allow alcohol in parks and it isn’t uncommon to see people sharing a bottle of wine or drinking beer in parks.

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However, there are those fearful of what could end up happening. Bad enough you have people smoking weed and then you also have others getting high on alcohol. Caught in the middle are those practicing sober living who will have to deal with the strong smell of cannabis in the air and also see the spectacle of people drinking. It could also end up being more work for cities who will be forced to clean up more.

And of course, there are the puritans who take issue with children having to witness people smoking dope and others drinking beer or both. These drinkers and weed smokers will be advertising some mind-numbing emotional painkillers in case kids will need it down the line. -CINEWS

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