Class 12 students in ‘No Man’s Land’ amid Covid blues


Class 12 students seem to be stuck in ‘No Man’s Land’ as neither do they feel connected with their schools any more, nor can they decide on their future destination with uncertainty looming large over their board exams.

Although they are still recognised as students of Class 12, however their schools and coaching centres have now gone busy teaching the new batches which have been promoted from class 11 to 12 in April itself.

Meanwhile, reports coming in regarding the change in patterns for the proposed exams, such as bringing in OMR sheets and objective questions into picture with reduced time for exams, have left the students panicked.

“How can we practice appearing for exams with OMR sheets when we have been prepared online for these exams. Also till date, we have been writing our answers on answer sheets, so timing and speed are a matter of concern,” said student Arpita who is anxiously waiting for the final decision on holding of Class 12 exams to be declared soon.

Another student, Sahil said: “I tried contacting our teachers on how we should practice with this OMR sheet… however, they are already busy with the timetable of the new batch.”

“So who will clear our doubts in such a case is our query,” he asked.

With their wards’ future hanging in balance and no support from teachers, their parents are seen venting out their anguish on Twitter tagging the Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Education Ministers, questioning them why they are insisting on taking offline exams when all meetings of different ministries and departments are being scheduled online.

Many parents in various parts of the country have come together in forums to press their demand for conducting an online exam for Class 12.

One such forum, All Rajasthan Parents Forum, have been pressing for the online exams for Class 12 and all their tweets are strongly being retweeted by parents from across the country.

In a recent tweet, they said: “Every life is precious. Giving a logic to students that the Covid cases are less and the beds are available in hospitals clearly shows the mentality of our system. why shud we take chance for our students?? Only online exams for XII boards”

Parents Association, Greater Noida West, in a tweet, also demanded cancellation of the CBSE offline exam for Class 12 students, tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, too along with different parent forums including NCR Parents Association, the Noida Parents Association, and others too.

Meanwhile, the demand to vaccinate students before taking they take their exams is also gaining momentum on Twitter.

Meanwhile, students, amid all this uncertainty, are clueless if they should start preparing for college entrances or continue waiting for their board exams.

“The need of the hour is to end this confusion. They should either cancel it or conduct online papers so that we can at least plan our future and prepare for our dream colleges,” Class 12 student Apoorv said.