Climate Change will negatively affect women more than men

Climate change and its increasing impact on the environment and its natural resources is a source of every increasing worry for policy makers across the world.

However, amidst this ongoing crisis, which poses a threat to humans, there is a greater risk involved for women more than men.

The battering heat waves, rising sea levels, constant drought, severe frequent storms affect women more in a disproportionate manner than men.

As per a report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in February 2022, there was a warning which stated that people or groups who are marginalised in the society because of their gender are less likely to have the capability to adapt or recover from ill effects of climate change.

As per scientists who completed a huge review on literature about climate impacts and its adaptations, they found that women have fewer opportunities, lesser money and in general are not prioritised by policymakers who more often than not tend to be men.

In a United Nations (UN) report in 2018, it was stated that women are most likely to be in poverty. It also added that they will have less access to basic human rights like acquiring property or moving freely. They are also more likely to face systemic violence when there is instability.

Given the current discrimination rate against women, when climate change becomes an even bigger problem, women will struggle more than men.

As per Global Citizen, the Paris climate agreement has included specific provisions in the agreement which will ensure that women receive the necessary support to handle the ill effects of climate change.

As reported by Global Citizen, a UN Women intergovernmental specialist, Verona Collantes, said, “The IPCC found that gender inequalities are further exaggerated by climate-related hazards, and they result in higher workloads for women, occupational hazards indoors and outdoors, psychological and emotional stress, and higher mortality compared to men.”



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