Clint Eastwood’s daughter says her dad is a down-to-earth man who loves nature”

Hollywood actor and acclaimed filmmaker Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Alison Eastwood recently spoke up about what it was like growing up as children of the legendary actor.

In a recent interview the daughter of the legend said that her father was a “down-to-earth” man who loved being around nature and drinking beer.

Clint Eastwood has two grown up children – Alison Eastwood, who is 50 years old and Kyle Eastwood who is 54 years old from his first wife Maggie Johnson. He is also father to six other children from his other subsequent relationships.

Alison has now spoken about what it was like being brought up as the daughter of a famous dad. During her interview, as reported by TOI, Alison said, “When we were kids, my dad would take my brother and I for dinner and people would come up to him for autographs. He’s not someone who craves that.”

Alison has tried her hand at acting and her brother Kyle is a musician and both kids were raised away from Hollywood, which according to her was a “wonderful” place. She said, “It’s a magical spot on the ocean, and there’s lots of wildlife.”

The actress went on to reveal that her father, Clint, was a low-key kind of man who loved being around nature and especially enjoyed spending time with friends and family.

Speaking about her father, Alison said, “He’s down-to-earth, enjoys nature and jazz and hanging out and having a beer.”

Alison went on to explain that though her parents divorced each other in 1984, she is still very close to her father and that the extended family manages to come together once a year for Thanksgiving.

After his split from his wife Maggie, Clint Eastwood (92) was in a string of relationships before he got married for the second time to TV journalist Dina Ruiz in 1996. Clint Eastwood’s other children, besides Alison and Kyle and Laurie (68), Kimber (57), Scott (36), Francesca (28), Morgan (26) and Kathryn (34).



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