Clive Davis reveals Myles Frost will headline his pre-Grammy party

American record producer Clive Davis, who is known for his Pre-Grammy Gala – better known as “the Clive Party”, has revealed that actor Myles Frost will perform at the finale of the party.

He said: “As you know, the show can run for a few hours, so at some point early on, I will say, ‘If you leave before the end, you leave it at your peril, because you will miss the final performer of the night'”.

He further told Variety: “Seeing the impact of the party over the years, the producers of the Michael Jackson Broadway musical have agreed for its incredibly talented star Myles Frost, to fly out here for the weekend and do the finale.”

He also spoke about a lot of first timers’ that will be attending the gala. He said: “(Apple chief) Tim Cook is coming. There are a lot of first timers that are very gratified and appear to have heard the legend and want to come.”

Talking about his favourites, Clive added: “Oh! Whitney and Natalie Cole. Rod Stewart, Lou Reed and Slash (from Guns N’ Roses). Barry Manilow and Jennifer Hudson singing ‘A Weekend in New England’. There’ll be a duet at the party this year. I mentioned it at the Billboard Power of Women event yesterday – where I unexpectedly followed Bad Bunny! (laughter) I said, a great rock star will duet with a great Latin star. I did not identify the name.”




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