Close shave for tourists in K’taka jungle as tusker charges at them

Tourists on a jungle safari in Kabini backwaters in Karnataka had a narrow escape when a lone tusker charged at their jeep.

The video has created a social buzz with netizens showering praises at the jeep driver Prakash for displaying exemplary courage by covering a long distance in reverse gear as the elephant charged on.

A raging elephant in an attack mode can be seen running towards the vehicle full of tourists. The driver puts on reverse gear and moves the vehicle backwards.

The trumpeting elephant even touches the vehicle twice. It then disappears into the forest leaving the tourists gasping for breath. The tourists have described it as their lifetime experience and close shave with death as well, forest officials said.

Normally, the wild elephants are used to movement of safari vehicles and tourists. However, they are unpredictable, the officials said.

The drivers are trained and experienced and they can handle any situation deep in the jungle, they stated.




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